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Should tears be pricking the back of my eyes?

I'm reeeeeeeeeeeally sorry/I'm inept/etc.etc [self-deprication]. >.<

Long time lurker, etc., etc. Hi to all. Anyways, I've just seen the whole series (ok, most of it, I skipped a few in the middle. >.>) I'm completely flabbergasted and now I'm dying (not literally of course) to see the movie, like the lot of you are probably.

I do have a question, though. Let me get this straight. Ed died, Al brought him back, Ed sacrificed himself to bring Al back. Ed's sacrifice probably (or did) worked because he gave up the bond he made with Al, the people he met, experiences, etc. And Al ended up losing his memories and came back as his 10 year old self. Ed then ended up on the other side of the gate (which I'm still slightly confused about, err, the meaning of why it happened). Or am I just being redundant/not making sense/being an idiot/etc?

One more question (apologies), I'm thinking about cosplaying one of the characters for Halloween or something, probably Ed (an Asian and female ed with dark dark brown hair. >.>). I've never done anything like this before, any beginners' tips to keep my head on straight? And yes I have been browsing the FAQs.

Thanks, sorry if this was a pointless/improper post.

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