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Icon Requests (wtf penguins?)

Since I now have completed three of the requested icons, I'm making a new topic in which I can keep track of what's been requested. And to show off. Duh.

I'm still open for more, by the way, and plan on being open for a week. Just go over here for more details. You can request here too, just be aware I only do one of each character except for Al because his armour form looks completely different.

Current Requests
[X] Silverwind13: Hughes
[X] Blumchen: Hawkeye
[X] Littlepen: Ed with penguin plushie
[X] Cryingstar: Happy anime!Wrath
[ ] Driftwoodwings: happy Nina Chimera with cookie
[ ] Sekido: gun-toting Mustang
[ ] Edw4rd_elric: Fury with Black Hayate
[ ] Fuzzyninja: happy loved Havoc
[ ] Kaerran: cute human Al
--- Jkaizer: movie Al (already swiped)
--- Zodiacstargazer: Havoc (already swiped)
[ ] Shichahn: pretty Heiderich
[ ] Wiccat: Envy
[ ] Aguynamedgoo: Izumi
[ ] Jigglygrlcarrie: Sexy Psiren, no mask
[ ] Kuririnchan: Faris (not FMA, but Faris is too awesome to not do)
[ ] Alphawolfjason: Lust
[ ] Kitsuneonna: Schiezka
[ ] Saft: cute Rosé
[ ] Zerstoerung: Den with squeaky toy wrench
[ ] aneko_hosokoawa: Ross with something penguiny
[ ] createdmemory: innocent Fletcher
[ ] avahcado: sexy armour Al with heart
[ ] zarephathcs: air guitar Winry
[ ] thatonefangirl: Barry
[ ] atsuka_chan: Lyla with something penguiny

For requesters, you can add text to the picture if you so wish, but personally I'd prefer if they were just used as they are. Anyone who wants to swipe, please ask the original requester if you want to use it!

The ones with a crossed box are done and can be found (along with their larger versions) underneath the cut.

As much as I love Hughes, I've never drawn him before. This was a bit awkward on the whole, but I just couldn't think of what to do for it. So I just did him on the phone ^^;;

I've drawn Hawkeye a few times before so she wasn't too difficult. At first I was just going to keep it plain like the Hughes one, but my hand decided 'HELL NO' and drew a tree.

The word 'cute' was mentioned. So I tried to make it cute and warm looking. Unfortunately, the penguin's kinda crap...

Another plain one. The theme given was 'happy/dorky', but the only thing happy and/or dorky about Wrath was when he wasn't all... Wrathy o.o So...

Hope you like!


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