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My latest fanfic.

Title: And Though The Sky Is Falling

Part One: When Danger Is Better
Author: kumiko_kun

For the lemonaftertaste community

Dedicated To: timchell and her hiccups ^_~

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Maes Hughes (HughesxRoy mostly in this chapter, RoyxEdxHughes hopefully soon in next chapter. )

Challenge: 26.) I'm Riddled By You

Disclaimer: FMA, not mine. Ed, Roy, Hughes, Riza, etc., not mine either. The paper that I wrote this on? Nope. Not even that.

Rating: Let's just go with R for now.

Description: What will Roy Mustang do for sex? One way the threesome could have started. This chapter is very fluffy, but stick with it and you'll get your fill of angst and thoughtfulness.

Author's Note:

Please, this is NOT an attempt to 'bash' Riza Hawkeye or Maes Hughes, people. Trust me, I love them both. Keep in mind that ( in my head at least, and I'd like to think in the canon ) these characters are all very good friends, and when you are very good friends with someone, joking around like this is just the norm. Granted, we girls may not pull guns on our guy friends whenever they use a really cheesy line, but hey, I know the Hawkeye in me would if it were Mustang. Because she kicks ass like that. Don't make the mistake of thinking that I believe Hawkeye capable of murdering, maiming, shooting, etc. the Colonel. Gods no. She would willingly give her life for him, in my opinion. I'm not trying to say that Hawkeye has some kind of explosive temper but ya gotta admit she's not one to muck around or that she is a trigger happy lunatic. And I'm not saying Hughes would abandon Roy to a horrible death. What I'm saying is that these three are friends. Friends play. Friends joke. And when something painful happens to you in a strange and unusual way (that can be taken humorously), friends ask if you're okay, help you up, and then they laugh. Because it's funny. And are you really friends if you can't do these things?

Why do I feel the need to explain this, you ask? Because I'm sick of wank in any way, shape or form, and therefore I am taking no chances. :)

Thank you.

Please read and review. I hope you like. ^_^


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