Sam (samaside) wrote in fm_alchemist,

An Open Post to the Members of FM_A

I'm done.

I withdraw my nomination for moderator. It seems that I'm pretty unwelcome here and I can take a hint. I quess I never realized how contreversial a person I was. The nomination itself by lord_pachi came as a huge surprise. At first, I wasn't even going to accept it. I was going to make a post saying I wouldn't do it. However, I talked to some people and they convinced me that, with all the experience I have with other communities, that I should go for it. So, I figured I would. I didn't think I was a very serious candidate and I didn't expect to get the position.

I doubt I'll be making many posts on this community any more - regarding Hot Topic or anything. Hell, seeing how you folks feel, I don't suppose I'll be making any Hot Topic posts again. Perhaps I should leave all together but I feel too much for this community. This community gave me a place to feel like part of a group for once and it let me meet a lot of really wonderful people that I never would have met other wise. And I'm not going to take any of this too seriously. This is the internet, people. And I still feel strongly for this community.

I'm just sorry it all came to this.

So, congrats herongale. You win. Whatever. I don't care. I'll take this all in stride and roll with the punches.

Now, I don't suppose someone would make me a custom "Victim of FM_A Mod Wank" banner? =P

Much love guys,

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