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Icons Ahoy!

Fwee for iconage :D

Beware of some possible spoilers, prolly nothing that we haven't all seen before, but still warning anyways (movie/manga spoilers)


Ya know the rules. Comments aren't necessary, but credit IS. Give it where it's due, yo. And if you take them, host 'em yerselves.*

-Manga spoiler ahead-

*Partial credit on this one goes to.. uh... I can't remember @_@; (edit: figured it out! ^^) A few days ago commanderteddog made a post about B-movies, and how the scene where Ed is trapped in scaryasallhell!Gluttony's stomach reminded them of Planet of the Apes. >_> For some reason I thought about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where Jay imagines a world where 'super monkeys' have taken over and in his imaginary sequence (ala PotA) yells out "Damn yous! Damn yous all to HELL!!!"

... Yeah. >_> I'm sad.


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