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Survial buttons for fm_alchemist mod wank...

Currently this post is asking if anyone here has any requests? Specific sizes? Characters (please note I only have anime images, so manga-only characters will be difficult for me to get a hold of)? Pairings?

Later, I will come back and edit this post with the results posted...

EDIT: HOLY MUNCHKINS!!! (not an Ed crack)

I was working on my own button and icon to kill some time and eeek! 32 comments? The idea was more popular than I thought.

Okie, dokie, apparently this is going to be a several day project, but that's okay. Here is what I believe I have thus far in compiling a list:

Military Dudes (meaning anybody from the military)
War Scenes
Izumi kicking much assness
Scary Gluttony
Raining Zepplins
Dying/Hurt/Worn out Roy
If I skipped something, just let me know. I will be adding more to the list.

This is what I made for myself to kill time. Free for usage. No credit required. Just please no hotlinking.

.jpg format

.png format

LJ icon

EDIT #2: Made more. ^-^

(Come to me, children...come to meeeeeee...)

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