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[fic] This is Not A Love Song (mild screwed up Roy/Ed, PG)

Title: This is Not A Love Song AKA ‘Wow, Ed and Roy are so screwed up’
Rating: PG (my default setting, it seems)
Spoilers: Episode 25 of the anime and tiny, vague ones for manga volume 6
Pairing: Mild Roy/Ed, gen if you squint the right way
Summary: “Brother…why are you always so mad at the Colonel?” The answer to this question isn’t what you think it is. Why is Roy the only one who knows how to control Ed? The answer to that question isn’t what you think it is either. (for elaboration, see the subtitle). Slight mixing of anime and manga universes.
Dedication: to kytyngurl2, for being a great enabler. Why do I always get bunnied on your livejournal? XD *definitely not complaining* I only wish this fic was good enough to match who it’s dedicated to. XD
Notes: Yes, I love my unreliable narrators and playing with different tenses/segment length. You may shoot me for this. Someday I’ll write non-screwed up Roy/Ed fic, I swear.

( fake cut to weird introspective almost-gen fic )

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