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Episode 23 Angstville

Oh dear... talk about a turn again from the manga! Al runs away *_* Poor ED! Poor Al! From the previews, it seems Winry will go after Al to find him. I can't help but wonder if this is the part where Al will randomly get kidnapped by Greed (like in the manga).

Izumi and Sigu also made their cameo appearance in the train station like in the manga XD Kind of makes me wonder (since the anime took so many turns from the manga already) if they'll make an appearance to visit Ed... Because in the manga when Al gets kidanpped, Izumi goes to fight Greed to try to save him too, right? Eeee!

Poor Edo gets not only bitch slapped at the beginnig of the episode, but gets sucker punched by Al O_O But he did kind of deserve the slap. I don't know what he was saying, but he sounded like he needed to get slapped. *nod nod*

Happy birthday to Edo-kun in ep 23 XD I forget that his birthday is the same as Elysias in the anime ^____^ CUUUUTE!

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