FlameRaven (flameraven) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Quick (spoilery!) question...

Okay, the other day I was rewatching the early episodes of the dubbed FMA (gotta get ready for the new ones in Sept! ^^) and I actually sat through 'Ready Steady Go' instead of fast-forwarding....and then I noticed something.

At the very end of the opening, there's a picture of the flamel drawn in blood... and if you look closer, it's actually drawn over an array. Isn't that the array from Episode 42? Now, I haven't seen any of the episodes after 35 or so, and those were raw Japanese, so I didn't understand everything going on. I only happened upon the pics of the flamel!array by accident, but I thought, "hey, cool! An array with a flamel in it! *clicksave*" I find it...interesting that the same array would possibly show up in Ready Steady Go, especially since by ep. 42 the original version is on Undo, if not Rewrite.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Is that the same array or not? And if it is, why would they put it into the second opening? Foreshadowing? Something cooler?


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