Susannn AKA @motelcowboy (__susan) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Hello all! I'm Susan, and I just joined. But this isn't a simply "I'm new" post, it is a sharing of information that people may want to know.

Realms-con is in Corpus Christi (my city!) next weekend and as long as I can get off work, I'm volunteering to work it. I found out that Christopher Patton, the dubbed voice of Greed, is going to be there :] On the Realms-con website it said "a character yet to be revealed", but IMDB does wonders for the curious mind. I plan on getting many pictures and some autographs from him... maybe a personalized one for the community? Maybe? If it's wanted?

But yes, I thought I'd share that bit of information.

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