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FMA - Poem - Control

Another poem vaguely reminiscent of Ishbal. I don't know exactly who is speaking at the moment - but I got a sense of Kimberly when I was writing it. A reflection, somewhat, during the endless, still moments before violence is unleashed and fire splits the sky.

Disclaimer - I. Do. Not. Own. FMA. Happy?


There’s a sun in the sky. But you won’t find it here -
For every horizon is walled off in fear.
There are stars in the clouds - but the light’s swift to fade
So that all of the Word and the World lies in shade.

There are no blacks or whites here. The color is grey.
As grey as the eyes of the child you slay.
There’s no swift avengement - you’re healthy and whole
And the only cost here is what you call a soul.

What worth is that trinket? The pale moon knows
For she sank into shadow as soon as she rose
And the only light here is the flickering flame
That takes all, unnoticed - but mostly your name.

It’s safe for the moment - there’s hours ‘til dawn
And fast shall all crumble until it is gone.
A moment unending. How fast goes the heart!
That battle has ended. The war now shall start.

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