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Waaaahhhhhh...oh, teh angst! ;-)

I just watched the Hagaren 'Reflections Special' (I assume it was made for the release of the movie, but if anyone could tell me more I'd love to know) and sobbed my ickle heart out, which I honestly didn't think was possible after watching the series so many times already. I never knew what the lyrics to Bratja meant (it made me cry even without knowing, I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to it again ;-), and the conversation between Hughes and Roy...gahhh, I can't stop sniffling and hiccuping with emotion, it's just that good. It really is incredible how fictional characters can mean so much to you, isn't it.
I just needed to share with people I thought would understand my abject woe. *hugs for all* :)

On a more positive note, today I discovered that FMA music, especially the Song Files, are absolutely perfect for the gym. I had my best workout ever to Hagane no Kokoro and Ready Steady Go. Whooot!

Oh, and hiiiii. Long time lurker, first time poster -- I'm 27 and deeply, passionately in love with Hughes. And Al. Although I try not to admit the latter, as I feel like a perv. *grins* (Any other naughty old ladies here? ;-)

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