-- (avahcado) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Life Sized Al Plush :D

Ahaha well, a while ago I wished I could someday buy a life-sized Al plush. But being in the states makes it harder and I havent really seen a huge plush of him anywhere online. So.. I had to make my wish come true. And therefore, I made myself this life sized Al plush. :D (image heavy)

YES this is all hand sewn. :D;

First off, ive never made anything before in my life. o_o; Cept like, a pillow at school 4 years ago, and small rabbit ears a year ago. So I'm very proud of this, even if his horn starts a bit low and the top of his head is funny looking... and he looks a bit wrong. <<; >>; :D

He is 3 feet tall, and a foot wide. Okay not life-sized, but pretty close. xD His loincloth thing is also removable.. and is about 34 inches in circumference, so people can probably manage to wear it >D.

Body and loincloth made from fleece, eyes/mouth/hair shoelaces, cheeks felt, and then small metal rings made of.. metal on the loincloth. Hope you guys like it? xD

And yay a crack image of him without loincloth sitting at my computer with his hair using the mouse. xD

X-posted to elricest because I can.

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