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more insanity from The True Sewing Life Alchemist (ala Safetypin Alchemists XP)

Three cute and somewhat crack-ish plushies are done! Only one to go (which I haven't worked on that much b/c it's a full sized gate baby and it scares me). Cut for some spoilers (movie and series).

That's inu_kun1's dragon Envy w/ my dead Hoenhime plushie (made just for the dragon ^^).

He's actually a chew toy for my Nina costume. ^^ I love my little Edo.

you can't see it well, but his arms are two different colors. One silver and one flesh tone. Both hands are white gloves though, so you have to lift the sleeves to see it).

He's only got sewing needles in him right now, but once Ota roles around he'll be available for propor pining by any and all FMA fans (especially Als . . . because I love Al ^^).

and because my friend said I had to . . .

And just in case anyone's interested, the new sections (Stories of the SA and The FMA Picnic) are up on the Safetypin Alchemists sight. The Coat Switch is particularly fun if I do say so myself. ^^

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