maesfangirl (maesfangirl) wrote in fm_alchemist,


ok this is my first post
i wrote a fic

title: don't judge a book by the cover
author: maesfangirl
pairing: havoc/sheska
rating: pg

havoc always was a sucker for a woman in a skirt. so it was no surprise that he noticed sheska that day. hughes had just hired her to be his assistant so she was around alot usually caringing loads of paperwork or files around. havoc had been taking his afternoon break and was enjoy a cigarette outside when sheska came rushing past once again loads of paper blocking her vision. "hey you should be careful" havoc said his cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. when havoc said this he hadn't intended for the girl to stop but she did well only sorta sheska had attempted to see who was talking to her while still rushing by with the papers she saw it was havoc and smiled she also attempted to wave it was no wonder she couldn't see the stick that sat in the path before her but havoc did see it. "sheska watch out!" he called sheska looked puzzled 'what?" she yelled back but it was already far too late. the next thing havoc saw was sheska tripping over the stick her papers flying out of her hands as she fell towards the ground sheska landed with a thud but luckily she had escaped injury. havoc who was still smoking a few feet away sighed he removed his cigarette from between his lips and let it fall to the ground before stamping it out. he couldn't supress a smile as he walked towards her to havoc's delight the postion sheska had landed in gave him and anyone else who happened to be near by a fantasic view of her underwear havoc couldn't help but stare and he made sure to add this scence to his memories. sheska who had relized that her skirt flipped up quickly sat up and was blushing. her embaressment quickly faded when she relized the papers she had been carrying were now scattered around her she then began crawling around grabbing any stray paper she saw. by this point it was becoming hard for havoc not to laugh he finally took pity on sheska and helped collect the papers. when all the papers were collected havoc carried half and sheska carried the other half. havoc walked with her back to the office as they approached the office they saw hughes standing outside talking excitiedly with a pretty redhead girl. havoc who didn't feel like getting bombarded with photo's of hughes daughter took this as his cue he handed his half of the papers to sheska "you be careful now ok sheska" he said sheska smiled and nodded she then leaned in close towards havoc planting a kiss on his lips and just as quickly as she'd come sheska was gone again heading towards hughes and the redhead leaving a stunned havoc behind. havoc shook his head and made his way bak to his smoking spot when he arrived he found his cigarettes gone and a note in their place. cigarettes are bad for you jean, meet me tonight so i can make it up to you,~sheska havoc laughed and began to walk bak inside yup havoc sure was a sucker for a woman in a skirt.

~the end~

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