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Oh, my... Stop it, please...

I'm having a fight with a friend of mine right now concerning which is better, Hagaren or Naruto. I have never watched Naruto, so I cannot say anything. But he kept on finding bad things about FMA. And he has only watched up to ep 25 (I believe the good stuff starts after ep 30) while he has watched all Naruto eps~!! Here's some translated quotes of his:

"To make a summary of all eps of Naruto, you'll need 1/3 the time you'll need to summarize all eps of FMA, even though they are 3 times more"
"In Naruto, things... even the smallest detail (even the tiniest! It's so exciting!) has an explanation! There is always a reason. Nothing is done without one. The storyline develops way better!"

And there's way more things he said... He said the characters of Naruto are better... I can't know... Still, I am not able to believe a person whose top anime is Pokemon, so I guess I could get some help here... Please? I mean... geez! Naruto cannot be flawless...

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