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Uhh, umm...

Hi everyone ><;; I just wanted to post a link to my lame FMA fanfic =d~ ...

Title: FMA! Fangirl Edition
Series: FMA....duh.
Rating: PG-13 is the highest this goes... and it's mostly just for cursing.
Chapters/One Shot: Chapters XD
Genre: Comedy, Parody, occasional action... maybe a little bit of angst...XD
Pairings: EdxOC, AlxOC, implied EdxRoy, HavocxOC, BrochexOC, RoyxRiza... probably more eventually XD
Summary: Ed and Al meet three girl alchemists who, well, follow them around on their quest for the Philosopher's Stone...assist them in fights... and of course, help in creating daily stupidity. Complete with stupid culture guides to my randomness (starting after chapter 7).

(fake cut to chapter 1)
(fake cut to chapter 2)
(fake cut to chapter 3)
(fake cut to chapter 4)
(fake cut to chapter 5)
(fake cut to chapter 6)
(fake cut to chapter 7)
(fake cut to chapter 8)
(fake cut to chapter 9)
(fake cut to chapter 10)
(fake cut to extra chapter)

I've already written up to about halfway through Chapter 17, I'll try to update ASAP with the other chapters X'D for your reading pleasure~ <3 So please keep an eye on that journal X3;

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