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Fics and Website pimping

Community: 30_kisses
Fandom/Pairing: FMA; Winry/Sheska
Title: Tears of Molten Wax
Rating: G
Word count: 509
Spoilers: For the entire anime series. If you haven't seen up to 51 yet, be warned. Please do not give me movie spoilers in any comments.
Summary: "Stop it!" Winry glared at her, choking back a sob. "Just stop it! Nothing will be the same again!"

Tears of Molten Wax


Community: 52_flavours
Fandom/Pairing: FMA; Roy/Riza
Title: No Small Command
Rating: T (PG)
Word Count: 1105
Spoilers: Anime up to Episode 48. (And for the love of goldfish crackers, PLEASE do not post any movie spoilers in comments. I'm trying to wait until the fansub comes out.)
Summary: She found herself wishing he would call her 'lieutenant' again, or even 'Hawkeye'. The way he said her name, the look on his face, everything was changing beyond their control and they both knew it.

No Small Command


Community: 30_romances
Fandom/Pairing: FMA; Roy/Riza
Title: Thunderclap
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1280
Spoilers: For manga chapters 37 and 38. I take some liberties in the dialogue from a scene in 38 due to the awkwardness of the translations in my scanlation copy. The lines remain the same in concept and meaning, but are far less stilted and literal.
Summary: It was too raw, too fresh, too clear in his mind. The silence on the phone. There wasn't silence this time, but gunshots. The only question was, whose gun? He saw the phone booth again; the roped-off, bloodstained phone booth.



Community: 30_romances
Fandom/Pairing: FMA; Roy/Riza
Title: No Fire Burning
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1804
Spoilers: For manga chapters 38 and 39. Some liberties have been taken with the scanlation translations where the phrasing and sentence structure was a bit awkward. The concept and intent of what is said remains the same.
Summary: Her soul had stopped beating. It was only a matter of time before her heart realized it.

No Fire Burning


And to top it off, there's a new Royai website. It's been open for a little over a month, I was just delaying on posting about it until I had it pretty much finished aside from the 'fics I still have to write. The site title's from a line in a Fleetwood Mac song, "Seven Wonders", which is also on the site.

There's also a subdomain to it where I host all of yuuo's FMA fics, including a Royai fanfic, "Curtains Close".

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