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FMA Drabble

TITLE: The Opinion of God
SERIES: FullMetal Alchemist
GENRE: angst... I think
PAIRING/S (if any): EdXOC
SUMMARY: When asked that century-old question, a few stirrings arouse between two alcehmists.

"Can I ask you something?" Heather asked. Jadea's emerald eyes blinked as she stared down at the young child. She bent down on one knee in front of her, making them the same height. The girl continued to stare at her intintivly, something big on her mind. "Do you... you know... believe in God?" she asked with a voice no higher than a whisper. Jadea's eyes widened as she knelt there frozen stiff. It was something she hadn't expected in the least bit. She sighed softly and closed her eyes. She hung her head. She could feel Heather's young eyes watching her as she waited for an answer to a seemingly-simple question. After contemplating some, she smiled at the child. "Yes. I believe that there is someone out there who is indeed greater than anything that we could imagine. After all, someone has to take care of those in heaven, ne?"

Heather seemed delighted with her answer and beamed back her innocent smile. Her parents also seemed pleased with Jadea's answer. Behind her, Edward couldn't help but smile. Even Al was emitting an aura of happiness. Jadea patted Heather's hair and stood up, that smile still on her face. "Well... good-bye. Take care." She turned and walked down the path that would once again lead them on thier journey. The Elric brothers followed her, keeping quiet at they did. Jadea was left to her thoughts, and heavy-matter thoughts they were. 'I apologize Heather, but no, I do not believe in God. For if there were such a being that exists as the glorious being that you describe then there would be nobody such as I. I believe that if God did exist, then there would be no humunculous. There would be no unjustice in the military, much less would there be need for a military to bring back those who had gone astray. There would be no guilt-ridden militants nor best friends to die in sinful plans. If God existed then there would be no vengeful Ishballins nor would there be alchemy. There would be no half-machine boys nor would there be souls forever locked within armor. If there were such a God... I would not be as I am today. For that reason alone, I cannot believe that such a being exists.'

She sighed softly to herself, her eyes never removing from the ground. She disapproved of lying to the child, but it would be cruel to spoil the child's dreams for someone out there with the reason of being only to watch over her. Feeling a tug at her coat, she looked over to the blonde. "You don't really believe in what you said, do you?" he asked. His golden eyes were watching her attentively, as though reading her like a book. She shook her head. "No, that I do not." she said sincerly. She paused in her step, held up her hands and stared at the automail fingers. Her coat's sleeves slipped to reveal the glinting metal of her arms. She smiled weakly. "I cannot." Golden eyes widened slightly for a brief moment. His face held a faint blush as he turned his head away. "I don't either. There's no point." he told her and gave a firm nod of his head. Green eyes glanced upon gold. And two shy smiles matched.

I hope you like it, but this is only my first post here so there's more to come of course if you did like it!

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