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I come bearing sucky fanart!!! LOL

I was bored and had nothing else to do, so I picked up a pencil and paper and sketched something that had been plagueing my mind ALL day!!! See, my friend Vanessa and I had a big discussion on if we made chibi Neko!Edward robots in Sailor Fuku outfits, that we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams!!! And since then, all day I havent got the image of a chibi Neko!Edward standing at about 2 feet (or less XD) crawling around my house in his little sailor fuku, meowing and being just down right kawaii!!! So I drew what Id like to wake up every morning to, how about you??? :D

Neko!Edward in Sailor Fuku

Personally, I dont think this came out very well...*feels like trashing it...*

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