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Fic: If you only knew...

Title: If you only knew
Pairing: Russell x Ed
Rating: PG maybe PG-13 for language, pretty mild though
Warning: none
Genre: Fluff and humor Ed might be a little OOC (please don't throw me rocks...)
Summary: Russell has no news from Edward, he's lonely, so Fletcher suggests to Russell to write a poem to Ed.

If you only knew...

By Sonya (acexkeikai)

(.. it's not betaed so it probably sucks a lot ^^;;;))

Fletcher sighed. "Russell... The mailman hasn't left you any letters... You should know it by now, you've been there five times already!"

Russell checked the mailbox again, maybe he missed the letter. But alas the mailbox was empty. He puffed sending the lock of hair covering half of his face flying.

"Maybe he forgot to give us a letter."

'You know Mr. Frazer wouldn't do that." Fletcher paused. "Maybe Ed is on a mission and he didn't get your last letter. Or he didn't have a chance to write back."

"I wish I had some news..even a crummy postcard... ANYTHING!!!" Russell strummed his fingers on the table. He was imagining the worst, maybe Ed was in trouble... Maybe Al was... maybe they have been kidnapped by who knows what?? In one word, Russell was : frustrated.

"Maybe... your last letter was lost?" His young btother ventured. "Maybe you should write another."

"I don't know what to write... Nothing HAPPENS here... Hi Ed... We picked lemons today! Oh! I've made some experiments and I've studied hard. " He let his head drop to the table with a loud thud. "That's soooo boring! Ed was telling me in his last letter that he had to go back to Rizenbourg because his automail got broken..."

That surprised Fletcher. "Break? How did he break it?"

Russell blinked. "You know... he never said..." He shook his head. "well you know I read you that part of the letter... Al got kidnapped by a kid because he was broken also... Maybe they fell off a cliff or something..." He shrugged. "And that Al convinced the kid to let him go because, he was... *The EVIL POSSESSED DEVIL ARMOR!!!*"

Fletcher laughed. "Yeah that was pretty funny..." He laughed but part of him wondered how the heck the guy was able to get the armor off Al in the first place. "There was one page you didn't show me though..."

Russell facevaulted and blushed. "Ah..err.. Ed was... telling about stuff... You know..."

Fletcher smiled. "Aaaah.. so the rest was a love letter..."

"Of course not!!! He was... talking about alchemic reactions.." Russell quickly said but the crimson on his face told Fletcher he was definatly lying.

"Aha..." Said Fletcher deadpan. He wondered if his brother's brain was all right because ever since he and Ed had fallen in love, his brother never noticed they made enough noise to wake the dead while they were together. Each time, Fletcher and Alphonse just ducked into the barn to spend the night there playing checkers. At least until they could fall asleep.

"I still say you should write him another letter..." Fletcher said, pushing the ink, pen and some writing paper to his older brother.

Russell heaved a heavy sigh. "What should I tell him?"

Fletcher lifted his eyes to the ceiling. His brother was a genius like Ed, but sometimes he could miss real obvious stuff. He briefly wondered if Al had the same problem with Edward.

"Be creative... Write him a poem!" Fletcher beamed.

"A poem... Fletcher... I have no idea on how to write one..." Russell confessed.

"Ah come on... There's a couple of poem books mom loved in the bookshelf. Grab one and...let it inspire you..." Fletcher replied.

Russell considered this.


Russell was back at his laboratory with the poem book, laughing his head off.

"Oh my love
how I love thee..
Let me count the ways...

"If Ed reads this he's going to say I went completly nuts... Besides... it's too... girly." Russell closed back the book, that's when he saw the notice on the author. "A successfull poetry must included things of your daily life for it to have impact. You must feel the sentiment you want to convey, tell her how beautiful she is...." Hn, last time he told Ed he was beautiful he almost got a shiner... but what if he was to write it instead.

He thought about it, how did he feel right now? How did he feel about Ed... He took a blank piece of paper and started to write all those down. He looked at his list, then he smiled, okay he'll try this poem thing.


It was a few days later, Ed and Al entered Colonel Mustang's office. Breda was speaking with Furey, Havok with Falman, in their case though it was more like yelling.

"You jackass, you said she was cute..." Havok roared.

"Not my fault if beggars can't be choosers..." They grey hair man replied.


"WILL YOU TWO KEEP IT DOWN!????" Mustang yelled. "I'M ON THE PHONE... Yes my dear, you were saying?"

Ed had a headache already and he just stepped in the damn office. He had to use one of the desk to write his goddamn report. With the noise going around, he doubted he could finish today. This was just not his day, while coming here, the Central dogpound had three dogs escape, of course they were found... with Ed underneath them as he was being licked and used as a mattress. And now to come back to this... maybe he shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.

Ed felt a hand touch his shoulder, it was Lieutenant Hawkeye. "Hello Edward, back from your mission?"

"Yeah...Just came back last night... I see things don't change much here.." Ed smiled at her a bit.

"Of course...Oh before I forget... You had three letters, I held on to them, Havok wanted to read them." Riza handed him the three letters.

"Thank you Lieutenant." Ed quickly saw that two of them came from Xenotime, he blushed slightly, if they had read those letters. He wouldn't have heard the last of it.

"Don't mention it..." Riza replied. "I had those cretins once open a letter of mine..." She had a glint in her eyes. "They'll never do that to me again."

Ed imagined she was running after those guys with her guns out, threatening to blast the head off the guy who did that.

"You can use my desk if you want to Ed... I have some files to attend to anyway." Riza told him.

"Thanks Lieutenant, that's very kind of you." Ed replied. He desk had a wall behind and was in a corner so he wouldn't have anyone sneeking behind him for a peek.


"Ahhh Al... I didn't get enough breakfast, could you please get me a sandwich and a thermos of coffee?... That would help me a lot to write my report."

"Sure thing, Brother!" Al replied happily and bounded for the mess hall.

Ed sat down and read the first letter, it was from Rissembol and of course, it was from Winry. She was telling him to drink milk and be carefull of his new automail. The second letter was from Russell of course, it was received on the day he left for his mission. "Poor Russel, that was bad timing..."

He read it and smiled. Russell was so good at telling of every little thing that happened. Ed envied him, he was with his brother and had a perfectly normal life. He wished he was half that lucky. Russell's letters tended to look alike but he knew why it was like that, he came from a small town too. Ed didn't mind if they were all alike, they were writen by Russell and for him it was enough to bring a smile on his lips.

The third letter puzzled him, it was again from Russell, dated a few days ago. He frowned, he hoped everything was all right. Russell usually waited until Ed replied before sending another letter. He tore it open, fearing the worse.

~My dear Ed,

I hadn't heard from you since I last sent you a letter, so I was afraid maybe my last letter didn't reach you. Nothing much has happened since last I wrote, so Fletcher thought I should write you some poetry. ~

Ed had to laugh, he tried not to laugh outloud and be the center of attention in Colonel Mustang's office. Russell writing poetry! Ed knew Russell was trying hard, he should read the letter without laughing.

~ I know I'm more used to writing about arrays and experiments but... I started to think about you... about what I felt around you... about the times I think about you and here's what I came up with...

P.S. Please don't laugh at me when you come back....

"I make no promises, Russ..." Edward said as he turned the page and continued to read.

~If you only knew how much I long
in our small little house.
You'd write to send me letters
In Xenotime

That doesn't even rhyme... does it have to rhyme to be a poem. Ed wondered.

Sometimes I think of you so extremely
I recreate your heart and your body
I think of you and I fill with wonder
I am prolonged in you
Like the river in the sea
And the flower in the bee.

Ed blushed as he read, no one ever spoke to him that way.

What's happening with you
My beautiful love
Your soft hair like fine silk
And your golden eyes
Do you turn them towards here.
to see a little, to see still
My opened arms as I wait for you
Evenings and mornings I hold them up
join you where that you would be
And I keep your heart in me

Ed had to pause, he didn't know Russell had it in him to write like that... that... That was cute... no not cute...

Tell me what occurs in the East
And in the South?
Where the life has to be so much
And all that one makes with
Tell me what's happening in Central
In the dirty streets and transversals
Where you are always the most beautiful
Because the ugliness does not reach you
You that I will love until my demise
My eternal

Ed blushed so much, he was so engrossed with the letter that he didn't notice that all of the people in Mustang's office had taken a notice of him, reading almost bashfully the letter.

"Loveletter?" Breda asked.
"Well DUH..." Havok replied.
"Shut up..." spat Mustang. "He's going to notice us...."
"M...Maybe I should go make coffee... Ed will be mad if..." stuttered Furey.

Ed was oblivious to all that and continued reading.

~We work in the fields
almost everyday
In the evening, I stay in my laboratory
Studying to fill the wait
Some play guitar
Others play the accordion
To pass time when it's too long
But me, I think of my love
And I dance as I say your name
Because I love you so.

If you only knew how much I long
in our small little house.
You'd write to send me letters
In Xenotime
If you don't have much to tell me.
Only write a hundred times the words "I love you"
It will be the most beautiful of poems
And I shall read them a hundred times over
You know, a hundred time isn't all that much
when you love someone.

"oh.... Russell..." Ed breathed, as the others were straining to hear the name he just said but all had failed to dicypher it.

~If you only knew how much I long for you
in my small little house.
You'd write more often
In Xenotime.

Ed was about to put the lovely poem against his heart when it was snatched from his fingers.

"Okay, who's sending Fullmetal some love letters..." said Mustang holding the letter high enough so Ed couldn't reach it.

"I bet it's that cute blond girl" Furey volunteered.

"Lucky boss!" Havok lifted his thumb to Ed.

"What the HELL?... Give it back TAISAN!" Ed jumped but Mustang, damn his height, held the letter out of reach.

"ohohoh... Fullmetal?... So IT IS a love letter..." smirked the Colonel.

"GIVE IT BACK!!!" yelled Ed.

"Pass it along here Colonel..." said Havok. The letter was passing from Mustang to Havok when a gunshot was heard.

"This was a warning shot... Give the letter back to Ed, now... Or else..." Riza Hawkeye lowered her gun and pointed it towards Havok and Mustang's groin area.


Ed and Al made it to the train station just 10 minutes before the train for Xenotime left.

"I don't understand..." Al said. "We weren't due any vacation before at least a month... And didn't you have to write a report?"

Ed laughed. "It's a wonder what you can get when you point a gun at Colonel Mustang's groin..."

"What?" Al was baffled. "What did you say?"

"Lieutenant Hawkeye made it clear I needed a compensation for the stress the guys just put me under... and recommended a vacation..." Ed smirked.

"Wow... what did I miss?..." Al asked.

"I'll tell you once the train moves..." Ed replied. They bordered the train and he smirked. He bet Russell would be very surprised to see him indeed. He would also show him how much he appreciated his lover's new interest.

The end.


Ed: Hi Fletcher... I saw the light's on in Russell's room, don't get up I know the way. ::runs pass him and goes straight to Russell's room.::

Fletcher: ::sighs:::

Al: :;getting in:: The barn again?

FLetcher: You know it... I got a new game too...

Al: Cool! What's it called?

Fletcher: It's a strange name... Truth or Consequences... I wasn't sure if it was adressed to Russell or me... but then again Russell never plays board games...

Al: How do you play?

Fletcher: We'll check the rule book in the barn...

::A few minutes later Fletcher comes back with the game, he's as red as a tomato::: RUSSELL YOU FORGOT YOUR GAME ON THE TABLE... ::: he runs back to the barn with his checkers.::

Just so you know, the poem is actually a modified (for the purpose of the fic) French love song by Goerge D'Or called "La Manic" refering to La Manicouagan, a river where a lot of young french canadian men used to go work to help get the wood down the river by letting it float down to the Saint-Lawrence river. The men usually went away for about 6 to 8 months at a time. I listened to it today and imagined Russell singing to Ed... and this little ditty was written.

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