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Icons! Whee!

Looky, looky! My first batch of icons! Please forgive me if they're kinda crappy...I don't have anything like Photoshop to make my icons all fancy, so they're just pictures (sometimes with text!)...well, here you are! There's 22 in all, and yes, they're all FMA.


Number 4 is kinda spoiler-ish, but I don't think any others are...
1.) 2.) 3.)
4.) 5.) 6.)
7.) 8.)
From here onward, they're all manga.
9.) 10.) 11.)
12.) 13.) 14.)
15.) 16.) 17.)
18.) 19.) 20.)

Now, for this last one, I couldn't think of what they should be saying. So, post your suggestions in the comments, and I might just make an icon or two out of the ones I like best!

4. lyrics from "The Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance
5. lyrics from "Thank You For The Venom" by My Chemical Romance

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