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[fic] After the Fall (prologue and chapter one)

Title: After the Fall (prologue and chapter one)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: end of series
Summary: Edward Elric at 21 is worldly, monstrously intelligent, and one of the best alchemists Amestris has ever seen. Upon meeting Edward again after thinking him dead for five years, Major General Mustang is shocked to discover that he has enlisted with the military to work under the overbearing, ruthless and ambitious General Talcoma. Ed would do anything for his brother, after all...and that includes becoming a true dog of the military and working with Roy Mustang. Genfic, movie AU.
Dedication: to sky_dark, for being wonderful and friendly to a fandom newbie and reccing the hell out of my stories. You're too nice to me. *grins*
Notes: much love to hime1999 and bard_linn for beta-reading. They do a great job, and this fic would make no sense if not for them. Cookies to anyone who can tell me what I'm quoting in the prologue.

( fake cut to the prologue )
( fake cut to chapter one )
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