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07 August 2005 @ 10:09 am
Yesterday I’ve read in someone’s post that she/he liked manga!Al more than the Al from the TV or the movie. And I thought that there could be an interesting discussion about differences in characters. For example, manga!Ed is a bit more polite and a lot more like an adult, manga!Winry has a stronger personality, and all the good qualities of Roy are more obvious in the manga (just let’s take his interaction with Havoc)… And, I think, Al had the worst luck in TV series. There he was turned almost in Ed’s pet (calm down, I didn’t mean AiNoKusabi! ^_^) while in manga they are practically equal.

For example, he was almost as enthusiastic about the idea of reviving their mother as Ed. And when there were in that village of miners Al felt absolutely free to say that he was not with Ed to collect more information. And he teased his nii-san a lot! And he wasn’t in love with Winry! And he remembered how to perform alchemy with clapping pretty soon and performed it very impressing!

 Of course, TV have to be simpler to be a commercial success in all strata, but why did the decide to simplify characters?..
possiblejoy on August 7th, 2005 10:39 am (UTC)
i think manga is much better than anime in general. the characters look more realistic too me, also the way Arakawa developes the plot shows every character in a very special way. i mean, she makes every character important in some way - you can see more aspects of each character, even the minor ones (eg. Fuery, Havoc, Ranfan or Trisha). Anime, however, is more emotion-oriented and makes audience look rather at character's actions than the character itself (don't get me wrong, i just think they create more action at the cost of character's developent :P) It's just TOO plain for me - Al is sweet little boy (they start to care abot him at the very end of anime -_-), Winry is irritating, weaker than in the manga, Ed is mostly a BRAT and moreover, his relationship with Al gets more strange with every episode, Roy is... i'm just sick of anime!Roy =_=' Other thing is, anime gives you big dose of _pointless_ angst (eg. Roy killin' Winry's parents, Sloth shit!plot and Wrath maybeabitlessshit!plot etc.)
There's also another thing which is always the strong point about manga - usually ONE person creates manga (let's ignore CLAMP, beacause each women has her role in this group too). One author = no plotholes and also more sense in the story (anime!sins are just a big piece of crap for me, sorry). Arakawa is a person that knows what readers would like and she has great sense of humour. She does her job excellent.
However, just in case anime fans are going to kill me :D", FMA anime is really good for an anime - seiyuus are awesome, music is great, and (even despite this fckn twisted plot that i hate) the ending is pretty interesting [seriously, i LOVE manga, i'm indifferent to the anime, but i think i'm going to like the movie muchly, even though i hate them for making Al into "Edphonse" ^^']