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07 August 2005 @ 10:09 am
Yesterday I’ve read in someone’s post that she/he liked manga!Al more than the Al from the TV or the movie. And I thought that there could be an interesting discussion about differences in characters. For example, manga!Ed is a bit more polite and a lot more like an adult, manga!Winry has a stronger personality, and all the good qualities of Roy are more obvious in the manga (just let’s take his interaction with Havoc)… And, I think, Al had the worst luck in TV series. There he was turned almost in Ed’s pet (calm down, I didn’t mean AiNoKusabi! ^_^) while in manga they are practically equal.

For example, he was almost as enthusiastic about the idea of reviving their mother as Ed. And when there were in that village of miners Al felt absolutely free to say that he was not with Ed to collect more information. And he teased his nii-san a lot! And he wasn’t in love with Winry! And he remembered how to perform alchemy with clapping pretty soon and performed it very impressing!

 Of course, TV have to be simpler to be a commercial success in all strata, but why did the decide to simplify characters?..
edik_lyodoedikedik_lyodoedik on August 7th, 2005 09:30 am (UTC)
Somebody, tell me, what this “smex” is!

I agree with lyra_elric that it’s good to see some different versions of heroes (and the Elric brothers are my favorite heroes too, I love them equally, but I’ve a special feeling to Al because he reminds me my best friend), but I think it’s a bit unfair, because most people saw only TV and didn’t read manga so they don’t know how cool Al may be (I read the manga first, at least first eight volumes, and later I couldn’t get rid of the impression that they made Al totally colorless in the TV… and my very good friend who sent manga to me but hadn’t read it herself didn’t like Al at all!)

The other friend of mine who doesn’t know English well enough to read manga was surprised when I told her that Al was teasing Ed all the time and making laugh at their relationship with Winry. He is supposed to be too “good” for it, but that makes me so angry! Of course, all younger brothers teases their elder ones… (mine isn’t an exceptions *trembles*) that’s just normal and that makes their love only stronger! They both look better that way. I agree with hagane_no_mame that it’s much better when they are equal (in manga it is Al who takes care of Ed oftener, not vice versa).

Oh, I share the opinion of hawkeye_chuui! The voice acting team is perfect but the others... Hawkeye and other militry people... ohhh *cries*... And I liked that homuncili were "pure evil* I'm bored with this gyes who are "not as bed after all but they had a difficult childhood". And I 'm so glad that there is at least one more person who likes manga style more! I mean anime is also cool, but... Ans manga is much more interesting! The plot requires some intellectual power to wag through. And what is with Hoenhime?! I just want to know what he is in the manga! He's really strange there... And I wonder what reason does Roy have in manga to desire to become the fuhrer? If he didn't kill winry's parents (which is only good for all of us though I wouldn't mind if it was him... i mean he really could do something like that in his youth...) And I think that Roy could really humiliate himself with some higher officers... i think he's good enough to it becouse of his aim (though he would never sacrifise something or somebody except himself or his honour..)

Oh, this episode on the hospital roof! It seemed to me so natural in manga and it looked so tense in the anime! I mean in manga it was just like in the reality… And it was nice to see how Ed used his being ill to win Al because Al was afraid to hurt him. And later it was nice to see when Al took his little revenge with Mrs Hughes’ pie…
Though I’d like to read that fic… When I read the manga it was obvious that Al was wrong because we had seen the pictures on the Pinako’s wall, but it suddenly came to my mind: “What if he was right? What if Ed’s younger brother really had died in his babyhood?” But this would make Ed a really terrible character…

I don’t think manga!Ed is sneky… He surely thinlks more and he's really clever, though in the anime he's jaust called "clever" and that's all...He is not a coward and he is not a betrayal… He just a normal egoistic boy who isn’t eager to save the world, but if he has to he will. I mean that’s how many people do: he says he doesn’t care what other people will think or say but in reality he still tries to be good. But we all know that a person can’t be good all the time, and Hiromu Arakawa knows it as well.

Oh my, how much I wrote… What “to love” means… I’ve already read a lot of unpleasant things about the fascist’s Germany becouse of the Hagaren, if things go on this way I will learn quick typing in English… ^_^ *rolls down from the chair*