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Office Pool

Office Pool
Inspired by various Icons, Screenshots, and comments including this one

title or description
What do you mean I can't place a bet!

Rating: PG
Surprise pairing and mention of a yaoi relationship.

C&C really enjoyed and appreciated

Friday afternoon in Col. Mustang’s office was always a big day for the friends and family of Roy Mustang and Ed Elric. It was the day the office pool for that week was paid and next weeks made. This Friday afternoon was slightly different though.

“An office pool on Col. Mustang and Ed? Why wasn’t I invited, Lt. Hawkeye? The Armstrong Family Tradition demands that I participate. With my long Family Tradition backing me up there is no way I can lose!” ~Pose, Flex, Sparkle~

“Sir,” Hawkeye calmly responded, “We didn’t know you were interested in the Pool. Presently the pool is on when Col. Mustang and Ed Elric will get together.”

“No matter, with my Family Tradition backing me there is no way I can lose. Show me the table so I can place my bet. How long has this been running anyway?" Armstrong asked curiously while flexing and posing more.

As Hawkeye pulled out the chart that she kept hidden under her chocolates (which no one would touch upon fear of death), she told Armstrong “Hughes started the pool way back before Ed turned 18. He then begged me to take it over for him when Elysia found it one day when she was tearing apart his office. That’s also why Glacia and her have bets placed. We were all surprised that she didn’t rip Hughes a new one for it but according to Hughes she just laughed and bet on Ed and Col. Mustang not getting together.”

Here Havoc who had been doing some filling poked his head up from his piles. ”I hope they get together soon, all the UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) is really getting on my nerves.”

“Shh, the Col. coming” Fullman popped in to interrupt Havoc. “We don’t want him to find out about the pool or we’d never hear the end of it and he'd screw it up on purpose. He’ll be here in just a min.”

Fullman was a bit late though and Roy had heard the tail end of the conversation. Surprised by his staff’s deductions he thought “ I can’t believe they have a pool on me and someone else supposedly involving UST. They should know me better than that, now if it involved RST that would be another story. I wonder whom they are imagining me with? It would be hilarious if they thought Ed and I should get together. I guess all the tension over me dating Al could be seen by an ignorant observer as UST. Now how should I burst their bubbles?” Deciding to go tell Al about the fools his staff would be making of themselves he skipped entering his office on his way to visit Al at the Rockbell’s new shop.

Rockbell’s Shop
Noticing that Roy was distracted as he walked toward him Al decided to find out what was bothering his boyfriend “Mustang, Mustang, is something wrong?”

Ed who was also visiting with the Rockbell’s heard that and quickly jumped to a conclusion ”You better not be breaking up with my brother. If you hurt him in any way I’ll kill you in your sleep.”

Surprised by Ed’s reaction and not really paying attention to the situation Roy answered Ed’s charge” No, No nothing like that its just that for some reason my office seems to believe that Ed and I should be involved and I was trying to figure out where that came from and how I could get my revenge.”

“What! Me involved with you?” Ed’s yell of shock practically shook the house and caused him to receive another concussion via wrench-san from and angry Winry. Having built up an immunity to them he then stormed off to confront some people with more time then sense and muttering about how if they have enough time to bet on his life (Him and the Col ~shudder~) then he would go cause some “Random” destruction so that they would have something to do.

Bursting into Col. Mustang’s office intent on doing some damage Ed growled at the startled faces (While they were used to him bursting in generally they had some warning and Col. Mustang would be in his office to deal with the latest outburst.) “All right who are the idiots betting on the Col. and I getting together. It would never happen because A) I’m dating Winry right now and have been for several years and B) The Col.’s dating Al not me. With that startling announcement Ed turned around and stalked back out of the office muttering “Stupid people, him and ~shudder~ Roy, that was almost as absurd as him and Armstrong.” (Starting several new interesting rumors)

Despite being completely shocked about the fact that she had no hint that Al was the one the Col was interested in. Hawkeye calmly pulled up the table that she had put away earlier and was not really surprised to find that the winner of the office pool was Glacia Hughes.

The chart doesn't come out quite right. Can you guess who bet when?
Monday Tuesday Wed Thurs Friday N/A
Chair Al Fullman Lust
Desk Hawkeye Pinoko Glacia
Couch Scar
Bed Hughes Havoc Gluttony
Wall Armstrong Elysia

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