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updates, drafts, icon notes

Did actually update something today... ravenwoodiii sent me revisions, so I've posted three of the four, and will probably do the last tomorrow morning. (One was a revision of an already-posted work.) If you want to read the warnings for each story, the author's name is a link that will take you to the author's page, which has warnings, color-coded icons, and MPAA-based ratings. If you want to go directly to the story, click on the story title.

Emily Ravenwood — After Arc: Glow | Circumstances Arc: Sustained;
& biography notes.

Also started on minor FAQ about alchemy. Making notes on what appears in FMA, to explain what is artistic license by the mangaka, and where the mangaka works in the traditional elements.

rough draft

Just to explain about my archive policy on icon colors...

Every story gets a colored icon, to identify the content at a quick glance. Every story. No exceptions. The icon color is not based on rating, but on the relationships occurring within the story.

green: general, with no romantic plot or subplot.
blue: het pairing.
red: non-het pairing.
orange: shonen-ai or shojo-ai, up to PG-13 explicitness.

While most stories with sexual content receive a blue or red rating (depending on the pairing), stories with non-het pairings that are not beyond kissing will receive an orange icon. The exception to this rule is all stories in which the relationship may be interpreted as either a strong friendship or shonen-ai. In this case, the story will receive the lowest possible rating, to protect the author's intent to be ambiguous.

[I'm contemplating making a purple icon for those folks that want to pick out the het-version of shonen/shojo-ai, for the writers tackling the Ed/Winry or Al/Winry first-kiss stories and whatnot.)

The story may still be R or even NC-17 for other reasons, but if the shonen-ai icon applies, it will be used. Some stories may receive more than one icon, if there are multiple pairings.

Also, red and blue applies when the relationship in the story is or will be (during the course of the story) sexually intimate. For this reason, there may be a red or blue icon on a story that's rated PG-13, PG, or even G. If the implication is that the couple are sexually intimate, even if nothing occurs during the story, the story will get an icon indicating it contains a relationship at that level.

Note: Canon pairings (such as Hughes and Gracia, or Winly's parents) in an otherwise 'general' story will not receive icons. Unless, of course, they're having Mad Parental Sex, in which blue icon will apply. Heh.

If you want information about the difference between G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17, it's also at the colors & codes page.

This ends today's public service explanation. Off to watch Cuckoo!

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