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FMA - Poem

I've been watching the Isbal scenes again - and this poem practically wrote itself. It talks of self-loathing, of despair and sorrow, of a hatred so fierce as to rend the mirror into shards to seek to end that which stares back at you. It can stand on its own - but there's hints of a shattered Roy and a cracked Kimberly in here that just sang out to me. Please R+R

Disclaimer - FMA is not my property.
Author's Note - no, despite apperences, I am not suicidal or in the habit of hating myself. I happen to be a happy, healthy individual. It isn't my fault that if I try to write a poem as a love song I end up writing about genocide, is it?


So if I see you in my dreams
When war lurks in the lands
So that the sun brings breif respite -
So that we turn our hands
To twisting dreams and hating hopes
To futures broad and dim -
The chant’s still raised above the sky
To sing a distant hymn.

What song is this, that lingers on
Across the bloody air?
What is the theme, that resounds here -
The darkness of despair
That hate that sings within the soul
The freedoms often banned
The echos that ring chill and high -
The laughter of the damned.

For damned are we. Condemed to Pit
For all that we have done.
Not even God may wash us clean
For all he sent his Son -
Because the earth is but a sphere
And all things shall return
I know my fate. I know my death.
I know I am to burn.

So if I see you in my dreams
I pray thee, do not cry.
I know the price for all my sins
I know I am to die.
I ask one gift of thee, my friend
For all the thankless years -
‘Tis not of hate or depthless love -
I only beg thy tears.

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