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Hay guys! Are you going to Otakon? And if so, are you cosplaying someone from Fullmetal Alchemist? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you better show up at the photoshoots!

I checked cosplay.com, and these seem to be the two major FMA photoshoots:

Friday, 12:00 pm - fountains
Saturday, 11:00 am - fountains

I'll be cosplaying miniskirt!Roy, and I'll be at definitely the Saturday shoot but probably not the Friday shoot.. unless we can get from New Jersey to Baltimore in an hour. Oh well. Hope to see lots of fm_alchemist kids there! :D

<3 Kasai

[exact replica of this post only with Naruto information can be found at chuunin XD;; Also, sorry about making a second post about Otakon right after the previous one, I thought it'd be better to have this info in a post where everyone can see it rather than a comment. <3!]

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