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Fanfic #3, Fullmetal Alchemist

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
PG or PG-13
and include the following things:
angst, bath, telephone

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

Ok. I will.


Title: Mysterious
Rating: PG/PG-13
Pairing: Lust x Winry
Words: 198

She looked down at her pruning feet, and sighed.

Who had that woman been? All she’d been doing was waiting for Ed and Al, when she had grabbed her, dragging her into a nearby alleyway and kissing her. She hissed as the woman bit her lip, and then shoved her tongue into her mouth. She pulled away, pushing her, and ran back to where she was supposed to be, preparing to scream in case that woman came back.

Luckily, Ed and Al had shown up then. Ed was in a bad mood, and angsting as usual, so he couldn’t tell anything was wrong. But when Ed left to go telephone the Colonel, Al did.

“Winry? Are you alright?” She looked up at him. Even in the situation she was in now, she still couldn’t get used to the fact that his real emotion was there, on his now human face.

She didn’t need to worry him.

She smiled. “I’m fine Al.” She leaned forward, giving him a hug. “Thanks for worrying.”

Ed came back, and they left. Winry walked along with them, but before they turned a corner, she looked back.

And saw the silhouette of a woman.

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