-- (avahcado) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ed and Al Cursors

Weee I made FMA cursors. :D

I havent really seen anyone do something like this before.. so I thought I would share. I made myself a chibi Al cursor a while back (since he is mine, of course >D) and then later made an Ed one as well (though sorry he is missing his braid, but every time I drew it in he looked like a sperm ;_;).

They look like..


The 'pointer' or the part you 'point and click' with is Al's horn, and the tip of Ed's hair. They are transparent as well. Hope you guys enjoy. xD; (both are included in the zip)

On a side note, if you dont know how to use them go to..
Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers -> Browse -> (pick the file, etc)


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