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Fanfic from me, oh the delight!

Title: Growing
Rating: PG-14 (Adult content)
Couples: Roy/Riza/Ed (EdWin HINTED) -Drabble-
Spoilers: None? ^^;
Summary: Work after work, the endless amount of paper never seem to end, but what if Riza brought up a conversation that spice up his work?

What is with me and writing drabbles lately? Too many ideas, so little time to write! Beside this is the first time I written a fanfic like this, so I hope you enjoy it…. Ed/Riza/Roy. BTW, My grammar sucks ass, please forgive me.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FMA, never will.

By: Ma-chan

Papers, papers and more papers, it seem the never ending flow of papers just kept getting bigger and bigger as each time Roy sign his name. What kind of job is this to work on filling papers and still be consider a state alchemist and as well as a colonel? Roy wonders at times…

“Here you go sir” Roy stops from his work only to look at the only woman that kept him in line, if not, he would have to answer to the gun in her pocket. “Lieutenant Riza…” He spoke.

“Your break will be soon, for now keep working.” She replied, not hesitate on her words.

Roy rubs his forehead before smashing his head against the desk, “I feel like my life been drain everyday…”

“Don’t complain, you wanted to be on top, you have to work your way up.” She was now fully standing in front of his desk.

Roy smirked and lifts his head from his desk, only to see a surprise look from Riza, “Of course, someday I will be King, and I will change the military…”

“Then keep working.” Roy sweat drop.

“You can be so cruel at times…” He replied, getting back to his work.

“My job to make sure you do yours sir, this is not a place to feel on emotions” Roy looks up again at her, smirking “Tell that too Full Metal…I think he has too much fun with the work he does”

“He at least does not complain”

“He has it easy”

“You could be a state alchemist again”

“Nah, too much work.”

“And you complain about this one?”

“I need inspiration to work; maybe you can help me…” He smirked.

“No special treatment for you, and especially no sex either.” Another sweat drop, as silence takes over the room. Hesitate at first she breaks the silence. “You know, He is growing to be quite a fine young man…” She pointed out as a matter-of-factly. She wanted to make him angry; she wanted to get him into his work.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” His eye brow move.

“Even though he works as hard as he does, you know for a fact he is growing to be a fine young man” It was her time to smirk.

“What does Full Metal have to do with you helping me at work?”

“Maybe I could motive him into working more if I give him my special treatments….” Oh now, Roy was just curious to see where she was going.

“You mean sex?”

“What else? A boy his age, probably already thinking to that level, I think he needs a little stress relief, after all, sex is the best choice” A vein came out.

“You would rather go after a 15 year old boy, screw him a bit, and not go after a much older and experience guy such as myself?”

She had to; it was in her, “Why not?”

“I don’t approve”

“Who says I need your permission?”

Silence once again took over the room. “You seriously would do that?” He was hurt now, she would pick a little child over a man such as myself.

Riza moved from her position and sat in Roy laps, only to kiss him lightly. “You can’t take a joke very well can’t you?” She replied.

“…not when a 15 year old boy threats my personal space. That was mean...”

"I told you work wasn't a place to work on your emotions, and how can a 15 year old threaten your personal space?"

"It's easy, I know for a fact you enjoy men to show hints of delight, I know, I been there."

"You think Edward would show such a thing?"

"Not sure, unless Ms. Rockbell already taken his virginity."

"I don't think she would do such a thing...."

"I don't know...she looks at him with hungry eyes..."

"You are imaging things"

"You have no idea...."

Not wanting to wait, Roy began to work his way down from kissing her lips to down to her neck before she place her hand on his shoulder and the other on his chin. “But I did mean what I said earlier…He has grown to be quite a young man…maybe I should teach him a lesson or two, just for future references.”

“….Don’t even joke.”

“For you Roy, maybe I will…” Before going back to kissing him.

“Does this mean sex?” He smiled.

“No” Getting up from her position, she began to walk towards the door. “Keep working. Maybe later I will consider it…” Before slowly closing the door behind her.

“……It must be a curse to be someone like me” Before heading myself back into the endless piles of paper, that never seem to end.


I don’t know if these counts as Ed/Riza/Roy, I mean she DOES mention to treat him…but I am not sure if I would go as far as writing that…Um…Don’t ask why I wrote this, like I always say, my mind isn’t really “here” most of the time. LOL. Sorry if Riza seems out of character, is my first time actually writing her in my fic. Actually first time writing Royai.

Please comment :D

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