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Drabble for you~ ^_^

>_>; This crossed my mind several times and then set up camp. It's also been awhile since I've actually written something, so bare with me if it's rough. Or rather, due to it's roughness. This is an alternate road that ep 22 could have taken. I hate the ending. >_<

Warnin's: Drabble. Spoiler? Not happy.

Edward Elric didn't seem to hear his brother's screams as he shuffled slowly towards the alchemic circle. For each half step forward, the prisoners in the middle of the circle stepped back. Gluttony stode on the other side, an effective barrier to keep the prisoners from going too far.

His eyes were downcast as he paused, the tip of his boots just barely touching the outer circle. Head lifting a fraction to hear what Lust was saying, but not really focusing on the words, he clapped his hands once and dropped to his knees. Edward moved as if underwater, dreadfully slow, as he brought his hands over the circle. He didn't seem to hear the feared exclaimations of the huddled prisoners. Or the panicked screams of his brother.

Again, he paused. His hands were just about to touch the circle. A brief thought of 'what am i doing' flashed through his mind. The thought died fast as he closed the final distance between hands and circle.

Edward watched, impassive and horrified at the same time as the alchemic circle flared up. Ruby red light and the screams of the prisoners mixed together. Distantly, he could hear his brother. It was over just as quickly as it had begun. As the blinding light faded, Edward lifted his eyes. In the middle of the circle lay a thumb sized stone.

He got to his feet slowly, as if he had aged many decades in that one moment. In the background, the sins were triumphant. His brother, horrified. Edward walked toward the stone - his final goal - with heavy steps. He took a moment to stare down at the stone. Bent to pick it up. It glowed with an inner light. The life of the prisoners. The life that he had taken. Turning on his heel, he lifted the stone. He could fix his brother with this! And he would.

Before he could take a single step, he heard a faint 'crick' and looked down. Disbelief surfaced as he stared at the hairline crack in the stone. He gave a minute shake of his head, as if that would stop the growing crack. Edward could only watch as the stone shattered into dust. He wasn't aware of dropping to his knees, hand still curved where the stone was resting. Or of the scream ripping from his throat. He'd failed. Again. But this time, at the expense of lives.

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