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[fic] Far As You Go (prologue and part one)

Title: Far As You Go (prologue and part one)
Rating: PG
Pairings: none so far, though pairings will start to appear in part two
Spoilers: MOVIE SPOILERs, people. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Summary: Passage between worlds and resurrections does strange things to one's body. Almost 100 years after the Elric brother settle down in the world beyond the gate, Ed and Al are cursed with bodies that don't age, although they have managed to lead successful lives by changing identities every 20 years or so. Their almost-normal lives are shattered by Ed's discovery of a budding US politician who bears an impossibly strong resemblance to a certain Colonel.
Notes: The last names were picked out of a list of suggestions by sky_dark, and Roy’s is also a tribute to a New Zealand soldier in WWI who was a conscientious objector and stuck to his guns despite the awful way the NZ military treated COs (read: daily torture). He also happened to be the father of the late great poet James K Baxter. All parallels to current events are either entirely unintentional or completely deliberate, whichever you choose to believe. XD Apologies in advance, but it’s going to be difficult to keep my political affiliations from shadowing this fic, although I promise to make Roy more of a moderate than I am. *grins* He’s going to be President, after all – he needs to be unifying.
Dedicated to: hime1999, my new FMA beta reader, for being incredibly nice and awesome and because a lot of the background details of this fic were hammered out in chat with her.

( fake cut to my own journal - 'karma works in strange and interesting ways' )

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