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X-Play on G4tv [the video game network] is very very mean to FMA, haha. Apparently they hated the first game, and are equally mean to the Crimson Elixer. The review was particularly amusing, though..

"But I do get, he's not a robot in a loincloth. But he's WEARING A LOINCLOTH. What is he supposed to be hiding? [somethingsomething] God forbid we get an eyeful of anime schlong. He's supposed to be like, what, a 9 year old kid? Listen to his voice, I can't imagine his testes make a hole to China." -Adam Cessler, X-Play host!guy.

Haha. A highly cruel review. Basically they said that if you're not a fan but looking for a good game, FMA2 is not the game for you. They did say, however, that if you're a hardcore FMA fan you'd certainly enjoy this game. And we're hardcore fans, right?

They gave it a 2 out of 5. Weeeeak.

"I'll be waiting for your hate mail."

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