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Fullmetal Alchemist Casting Call

Just something interesting that I found in my Anime Insider magazine.

Some large pictures inside, be warned.

So, that's how the staff at Insider feels about who plays who. This is just fun, and I thought that you guys out there might agree that this gives us quite the laugh.

Oh, and I'd like to note here that the following comments and opinions are my own, and quite obviously don't reflect the opinions of the Insider staff. And please, keep in mind that these are opinions, and this is all done just for fun ^.^ No need to get in a spazz because I happen to say something you disagree with.

So here we go, my commentaries:

    Daniel Radcliffe as Ed.

Hoo boy, where to begin with this one. First off, Ed is a lot more spunky, energetic, and in-your-face than Harry Potter. Choosing Danny-boy might not be a bad move, because we've only seen Radcliffe as Harry, and no one else. So generally, we're a bit biased. But quite frankly, this kid shouldn't play the main character in any movie. Radcliffe doesn't quite have the ability to carry big roles. I don't think that Radcliffe is a good actor at all, personally. But we definitely need someone more experienced, more believable, and generally better than Radcliffe to fill Ed's boots. And don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, the fact that I don't think any of the kids can act is just my opinion.

My celeb pick for Ed: Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings). More edge, more spunk, and gosh-darned more adorable.

    Macaulay Caulkin as Al

*gag reflex* Please, tell me I'm not the only one out there who sees everything wrong with this. Simply put, I HATE this kid. I didn't like the Home Alone movies, matter of fact I haven't liked any movie I've seen him in, and he's got too much arrogance to play sweet, gentle Al. When he was younger, he might've been a better pick. But Caulkin is just a bit too old (and too much of a brat) for Al.

My celeb pic for Al: Aaron Dismuke, who's only credit is FMA. Seriously, he's the only one I can see voicing Al. Plus he sounds so bloody CUTE!

     Christian Bale as Roy

Alright. The only thing I know about this guy is he's Batman and the voice of Howl in Howl's Moving Castle. So there's not too much I can say here o.O; But, Bale seems to be able to handle big roles, as I've seen Batman reviews who practically worship him for the awesome job he does. So, if he can do the cold brute Batman, Roy should be no problem. And from Howl's Moving Castle previews that I've seen, he does have a drop-dead sexy voice. So I'm alright with this one.

My celeb pick for Roy: Johnny Depp (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Secret Window, Finding Neverland). Because I'm such a fanatic. Depp is really the best actor I've ever seen and obviously has the experience behind him, so I know he can handle a role like Roy, both the serious drama and the sarcastic wit. Plus, he's bloody gorgeous.

    Amanda Bynes as Winry

*Ahem* Ok, obviously we were going with the last possible resort for Winry. All I've seen Bynes do is her kids series, The Amanda Show, and she's obviously far too family-oriented for Winry. Winry is spazzy, but she's a mature, responsible girl, which is more than what I can say from what I've seen of Amanda's sketch show. But then again, I haven't seen enough of Bynes to know what she could do with a role like Winry. She might be able to pull it off.

My celeb pick for Winry: Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Little Nicky). Ok, I know she's a bit old for Winry, but she has a great acting ability and could easily handle Winry. Witherspoon is a very believeable actress, and while I might not have enjoyed the movie she's in, she does a wonderful job with her roles and easily fits into character.

       Vin Diesel as Scar

Well. Vin could pull it off. Scar likes to make things go BOOM, Diesel is very good at making movies with BOOM in them. While I don't think he's the greatest actor in the world, he's definitley got the body for Scar. Tons of muscles and the deep voice, it's a pretty good pick for Scar. Plus, Scar didn't quite develop much of a personality in the series, he's a pretty cold, blank character with 2 emotions: none, and pissed off. Good match, I think.

My celeb pick for Scar: Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing, X-Men, Swordfish). Meh . . . pretty much the same opinion as Diesel, I just think Jackman could do a better job. He is, by far, a more convincing actor than Diesel, who can pull of a serious role while still enjoying making stuff blow up. Plus, with his job in Van Helsing, I can see him punishing those who disobey God a lot easier than Diesel.

Alright, so some good picks, and some not. ^.^ Hope y'all enjoyed that, at the least had a laugh at who Insider picked to play our favourite characters.

So here's my question for everyone: If you were put in charge of casting Fullmetal Alchemist, who would you pick to play the cast?

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