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Fic and poll/question

Hey I'm actually making a post here for once *long time lurker*

Anyway, I made this fic quite awhile ago, and I finally felt like sharing it here. It actually is a prequel for chibi_alchemy(RP/fanfic/AU started by me and dragontrap). Not quite one of my best peices of writing, but enjoy ^_^;

Title: Abysmal Darkness
Rating: PG-13? PG? Depends how cruel your imagination wants to be I suppose
Spoilers: For this fic, around ep 30 or so, the RP on the whole spoilers range to the end of the series
Summary: We all know that Al was been a suit of armor all of these years.. but just went on with the rest of him?

(Fake cuts are my friend.)

And I have a slight question,

I been wondering, are there any Californians out here? I live close to San Jose myself(just a little bit south of it)... I dunno, I'm just curious about it I guess ^_^;

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