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It's a Chibi Invasion

The Deal:

Once again I bring you some more calander icons, two banners, and another first. This time I give you the first in what I call my Signature series of icons. I got to thinking what it would look like if the characters from an anime signed a form or a letter. With each character comes their signature based on their personality and age. I also bring you a set of what I call Chibicons. Chibicons are cute and cleaver icons featuring chibi anime characrers. I know people have made icons with chibis in them but I just might be the first one I know of to dub them Chibicons.

The series:

-Full Metal Alchemist

The Rules:

-If you take an icon let me know which one it is
-No hotlinking as it will eat the bandwith on my Photobucket account
-Please credit chibihalo or ykkgraphics

The Teasers:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

( Invasion of the Chibicons )

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