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Hey, who said that "Bratja" is in German and "Kelas" is also in some european language?! They are both in russian, brothers and sisters! *has a strange feeling about it* I just listened to the 'Kelas" and realized, that it would be very difficult to understand for any native speaker as the accent is really awful! but I could recognize the words^ "frozen river" or "the river of ice" and something about wires. Now i'm going to listen to it awfully many times and i'll try to make a translation into English... maybe someone has already made a russian script at least? Or the full translation?

Народ русскоговрящий, это моя к вам обращается последней фразой :)))) А то надо же - "немецкая"! Ха! Это вам не хуже Wolf's rain :))))

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