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FMA's first episode in Spanish

Did anyone else watch it? *cries*
I think I'll just go and kill myself...

Yesterday the first spanish dubbed episode of FMA was aired... I went into so much trouble to register it, and it was such a terrible thing... the voice actors were terrible, but the worst thing was...

Alphonse's voice was NOT cute. He sounded older than Edward, in fact... and to me, that KILLED the character.He sounded more like a huge, old and rusty robot.

I remember when I first watched FMA. I didn't had much expectations on it, but when I first heard Al's cute voice coming out of that huge armor suit, I feel in love with the series (two minutes later I also loved Ed, and so on with practically every character, but Al's voice was the first magic moment for me).

Al's voice in English kept (on my opinion) the character's soul (even if it sounds kinda flat sometimes, it's still cute... it's still AL!!). It wasn't the same in the spanish version.

I feel so sad and disaponted... but this makes me admire Paku Romi and Rie Kugimiya even more. The wrong voice can kill a character sometimes.


By the way... and absolutely off-topic... today is Saint Alphonse!! x3 *goes pet her Al plushie*

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