vcgfjjk (possiblejoy) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ling cosplay heeelp ;_;

i'm making Ling cosplay costume *woot* and i have a problem ;_;' kill me if it's against the rules of this comm, but i need your advice on choosing the fabric for Ling's jacket (which is imo the main part of his outfit so i don't wan't to screw it up).

i already bought white linen fabric for the pants, but i cannot decide what kind of fabric would be best for the jacket. at first, i was thinking about something like sateen (which would probably suit the best since Ling is from eastern china-like country. besides he's a prince). however, first of all, sateen isn't the easiest one for sewing =_=' and i don't think it would look good. also, Ling came from Xing to Amestis through the desert. if his jacket was made of some kind of sateen-ish fabric, he would sweat like hell crossing the desert :/ plus, it wouldn't be easy to fight wearing the jacket. so, now i'm about to buy gabardine (it's a fabric made of worsted wool, usually used for coats and suits) but i want to know what you guys think about it. the other thing is the color - for me Ling's jacket color looks somehow mustard-ish yellow, in the hagaren calendar it was a bit more brownish, but for some people it's orange Oo thus, i'm confused... is mustard-ish yellow good ;_;?


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