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For my GCSE (this exam you take in year 11 in UK/HK) Textiles coursework, I've chosen to make a cosplay product for FMA (specifically Roy's military uniform). And now I'm up to the research stage, which means I need information and stuff about the product and stuff. The bit which is i need help in is this part called "Visual Analysis". It's basically just sketching out the product then analyzing it, noting all it's features and stuff. The problem is that I don't have enough money to buy one ready-made (the only one I saw was HKD$550/USD$70) and my mum doesn't let me buy anything online.

So, I was wondering if anyone who has made Roy's uniform, or anyone's uniform and hasn't thrown it or anything could help me. I need a picture of the front and back of the uniform (inside of the jacket as well if possible), close-ups on any special features like the colour bar, the yellow cord, the collar bit with the silver badges, the cuff, fastenings and possibly the waist bit of the pants, the fastening that connects the cord to the jacket and the shoulder thing with the lines and stars. I'd also need measurements of the jacket (like the sleeve length, the main jacket body length, width of jacket at the waist, chest width, shoulder width, length of the colour bars, length and width of the diagonal flap in front, the vertical silver lines on the jacket, size of the button things on the pants, length of the cut in the "skirt", height of the collar, dimensions of the badges on the collar, length of the thick silver lining in front of the "skirt" and all those stuff) and the materials (including length used) you used to make it along with the approximate price of making the uniform if you remember. I'd also need to be able to contact you (through MSN or something) for any additional measurements.

I know this is a big and weird request for people but I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me with it and i'd make sure to credit you and everything when I write all of it up. I am 99.9% sure I'd get something for you in return =)

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