Lieutenant Bard Linn (bard_linn) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lieutenant Bard Linn

Foundation of Truth [First 3 Chapters]

Foundation of Truth

Stranded in another world, Edward find himself ripped through time and space. As luck would have it, he lands in the very place that might be able to help him get home – Hogwarts.
PG-13, Gen. Post Series (spoilers), no movie information, post book five AU.
The usual FMA/HP crossover, with an attempt at taking cliches and making them believable. Originally posted on

Arrival from the Past
It was only chance that sent him to this place.

Befriending a Sneak
Someone was in the library.

Hero Counseling
Harry and Edward have a tough discussion.

And just for fun....

The girl was acting oddly
Note: A HP/FMA crossover, the like of which I’m 99.99% sure you’ve never seen before…
PG, Sorta set in 6th HP book, but no spoilers. Technically post series, MINOR movie stuff for FMA (writen before movie release), but again, no real spoilers.

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