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been doing some research on alchemy for my art coursework (XD) and have found some interesting things..

"...the greatest difficulty is to find out the material of this Stone; for they have called it vegetable, animal, and mineral, but not according to the literal sense, which is well known to such wise men as have had experience of divine secrets and the miracles of this same Stone."

So, according to this, the Philosopher's Stone is not, in actual fact, made of parts of human bodies. Methinks the element of "human bodies" was added in to give a certain drama factor.. >__> Bleah.

Also, from Chapter 8 on the site, it states that most of the people who have tried experimenting to find the stone have used materials from plants, minerals and animals. The materials from animals were a by-product, so to speak, meaning they did not have to be slaughtered in order to obtain the materials, for example: hairs, urine, eggs, and milk. Others might have been taken from dead animals, such as the gall, blood and fish scales. Another more abstract source would be from dragon's blood.

I have decided to base my theme for my art coursework on alchemy! XDXD Will be drawing much inspiration from FMA, and will need you guys to comment and critisize! XD

I will be publishing one "issue" of comics (like American comics, but drawn manga style) at the end of the year for evaluation, and by then I'll be posting the pages on DA.

Hm. Yeah. That's all. <3

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