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I love FMA, and I love RO..

*Freya* = your friendly neighborhood crack dealer (me)
K e n n e h = my ex who I'm helping transfer goodies.

Hoenheim Elric : I dont have wings...why?
You can not trade more than 10 types of items per trade.
The deal has successfully completed.
Hoenheim Elric : *positive*
*Freya* : Cause you're a zombie.
*Freya* : :|
K e n n e h : o.o?
Hoenheim Elric : *Shoots Abel*
*Freya* : XD
Hoenheim Elric : *positive*
*Freya* : FMA joke
K e n n e h : oh o_o;;
K e n n e h : carting stuff XD
*Freya* : **throws a cookie at Hohenheim**
Hoenheim Elric : lol
Hoenheim Elric : im 400 years old damn it, lol, i need me cookie
*Freya* : XDDDD
*Freya* : red cookies?
BOSY : can u help me
Hoenheim Elric : yes
Hoenheim Elric : lol
*Freya* : XD

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