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Radioplays! Fullmetal Alchemist Oriented- The Subtle Mists of Sour Milk

The Subtle Mists of Sour Milk was an idea I had a LONG time ago. It didn't work as a fanfic, so I wrote it into a script for a radioplay!

My auditions went on for ages and ages, because I couldn't find an Ed that didn't make me wince. I finally did find one, which was really nice. Even though I've yet to recieve all his lines- he's a lazy bum compared to my Roy and Winry. Who've already sent in all their lines, and redos, but then, he's really talented, I imagine talent has a tight schedule.

My Roy is played by a user off of Voice Acting Alliance, named TheGreatMr.Chibi. He can't pronounce Humonculus, so we had to do so mny redos. "Ohaiyo minna" was a line of his, and he had to do it several times before he was confident with the correct emotional intent, and tone. He can't seem to stick to the script either, or just to the script anyways. He starts improvising on random intervals, XD it cracks the hell out of me, even though inadvertantly it also means a whole lot more mp3 editing. x-x  Really... Thanks TGMC... You did that on purpose so I'd have your voice stuck in my head for ages after finishing this. >,<

Download and galk at this! (nya, this clip has quite a bit of silent track at the end, sorry about that)  It's good for your soul! XD I bet there aren't that many people who voice act for the hell of making dorks out of themselves here. Which is too bad! It's really good fun! ^-^ And if you live in FortWorth, it means attacking Funimation w/ phone calls and seeing about auditions.  Even though they're call list is typically humongous.  Having a good resume ish da cheese.

And here are some clips from my Winry!! Listen to them too! She be such a cute chiklet.  Even though, she has an accent!! And it's terrible, I had no clue that it would be so prominent also.  I'd love feedback from people, even if radioplays isn't your ballfield. ^-^;  


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