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My first FMA Fic!

Yep, and I thought I was never going to be able to think of a fic to write about FMA ><. I got inspired and based this fic off this picture: http://tinypic.com/9jma10.jpg (It's not a spoiler)

Title: Ed the Neko
Author: AzuraVeedragon
Rating: PG-13 (...ish)
Genre: General, Humor Angst, some Parody, (er maybe some nudity moments, not in this chapter)
Pairing: RoyEd (Father/Son Relationship), Royai (Later in the fic)
Summary: Ed has recieved a letter from the Fuhrer to take a few days off from military service, after what had happened at Lab 5. Just what will Ed and Al be doing with their freetime?
Note: This contains some spoilers ep. 23-25 and maybe a little bit past 25.

Ch. 1 A Day off

It was yet another slow day here at the Central HQ. Edward Elric was walking to the cafeteria with his brother, Alphonse Elric walking beside him. They were in a somewhat good mood, and for good reason. Ed had recieved a letter from the Fuhrer about taking a few days off from any duties after seeing his condition after Lab 5. There was probably more to that reason that Ed wasn't aware of but he didn't care. It was still very nice of him though, but Ed, as usual needed to do SOMETHING.

"I can't believe how dull Headquaters can be, and I can't stand being surrounded by all these people in their stinking uniforms." He sighs, getting his tray and grabbing today's special and whatever else he could grab.
"Well, maybe we can go take a walk around Central, maybe that'll get your mind off of...eh"
"...That damn Colonel."

Just yesterday, he was called to the Colonel's office and it was he. that gave the letter from the Fuhrer to Ed. As if this was their usual routine they had their usual bout like every other time they were in the same room.
"Fullmetal, you suck when it comes to verbal arguments."
"Pipsqueak, vertically challenged and most definitely a shrimp."
"My, such rude use of language! That short temper of yours is going to get yourself into a lot of trouble someday, or maybe it already has."
Ed turned purple, a temple on his forehead was straining with rage.
"For the one thousandth time Colonel and to the whole wide world. I. AM. NOT. SHORT!!!!!!!"
"Whatever you say Bean." He smirks at Ed, who was struggling to keep himself from murdering the Colonel.

Ed roughly bit into his bread, Al seated himself beside Ed. "One day, I'm going to beat his high and mighty stupid smirk of a jerk he is!"
"Oh brother..."

After having lunch, in which Ed kept grumbling about something under his breath. Al picked up, what sounded like "revenge" and "old man", but that was pretty much it. They walked down the stairs of Central HQ. It was beautiful day today, with bits of scattered clouds here and there floating lazily over the city. In the far horizon,there were dark clouds, heading towards the city.

"Ah, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to do much, once that storm reaches the city....Al?" Ed looked around, Al did not answer back, nor was he anywhere in Ed's sight. "Hey, Al?...Al!"
"Yes?" Came a voice behind him.
"WAAAAAGGH!!!" Ed jumped from shock. "Oh my God, Al! What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?!"
"hehe sorry brother." He scratches the back of his armor head nervously.
"Don't tell me...."
"I'm sorry brother! But I couldn't help it!" He took out the kitten he had hidden in his armor. It was small golden color kitty. "It was all alone and calling out to me." Even though he couldn't really express what he was feeling, Ed could tell from Al's voice, that he was feeling sorry for the cat.
"Al, how many times do I have to tell you?" Ed looked seriously up at Al, with his hands at his waist. "We don't have the means to care for it, or for any strays for that matter."

"But, brother can't I just carry him with me for just a little while?" Al looked pleadingly to Ed. Ed stared back at him, but Al's kindness broke through his hardness and he sighed.
"Fine, but after today, you have to let it go alright?"
"Okay!" Al nuzzles the kitty while Ed just groans in annoyance as they left HQ and into the city.

"You don't have the means to care for it? huh..." Said a voice that was very distant. "What would happen if you didn't have a choice I wonder..."

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