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Title: Cute
Rating: PG, unless one little mention of sex makes you squeamish.
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Warnings: None
Word Count: 332
Summary: Edward never did like cute things.

It is an intangible subject, apparent to hide forever from view and never be mentioned. Or at least, that’s what he had thought about it.

Love. When he was younger, the word would be disgust him. It made him wrinkle his nose in irritation. ‘Love’ always involved adults doing that mushy stuff. ‘Kissing’ and ‘Cuddling’ really weren’t that appealing to him. And sweet talk just made him gag. So, when he finally did fall in love, his first instinct was to make sure that the boundaries were set and the rules were clear.

“There is no cuddling. Absolutely NONE. Don’t call me any pet names either, that’s just stupid. No public displays of affection. No ‘cute’ little things, like holding my hand or kissing me on the cheek—“

“So does that mean I can’t have sex with you either?” Roy cut in. He shifted slightly, putting his head on his propped-up hand and looking at Ed. Ed blinked, frowning. “Of course you can have sex with me. That’s not cute.”

“It can be.”

“Well, then no cute sex.” Ed rambled on, while Roy listened half-heartedly. Honestly, Ed had to be the pickiest lover he ever had. No cute things? He could see this was going to get complicated eventually. He wasn’t a cuddly person by nature, but once in a while… A little cuddling never hurt. “Ed.” He cut the boy off again. “There are no cute things at all? Ever?” He frowned slightly.

Ed glared. “NO. I loathe cute things. Is it that hard for you to understand?” And then he continued on.

Roy sighed again and got up, walking over to Ed. He slipped his arms around the smaller boy’s waist, and breathed warmly into his ear, “I love you.”

Ed stopped his ranting for a moment, and leaned back slightly against Roy. “Love you too.” And as Roy hugged him tighter, then let him go, Ed decided that maybe, once in a while, cuddling could not be so bad.

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