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comic and movie images

i found this comic thing that arakawa-san drew about yahoo on a chinese forum^_^

translation of a translation:
Al: Brother, what have you been looking at so intentively?
Ed: Ahh... nothing... i'm using YAHOO to search for information about the Philosopher's Stone...
YAHOO: Yessss~~! Hello everyone~~~ I am the YAHOO fairy!!
Ed: Fairy...? So can you fulfil my wishes...?
Al: Please tell us about the Philosopher's Stone?!
YAHOO: Hm... really sorry!
YAHOO: Looking back at your searched items there is...
Ed: Waaaaaaaa!!!
contests of the list:
Increase height
The way to overcome milk
The way to increase height
The way to be popular with girls
ERO pictures (=|...)
Age restriction of XX (can't see the age)

i also found some movie pictures which can be located here. a few i haven't seen before so i thought i'd post it up :P
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