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The kitty's great Japan adventure comes to a close!

Wah~... I'm home, and I come bearing pics! This is everything FMA-related, all taken in Tokyo, or in my house when I got home Tues. night.

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This is the one exception to the all-in Tokyo rule. This was in the Mirage department store across the street from Kyoto station. Top floor bookstore. They're Anime-style art sketches of (left to right)Fuhrer Bradley, Armstrong, Hughes, Hawkeye, Mustang, Ed, Al, Winry, Izumi, and Scar.

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This is my hair me and my brother by the stand up sign outside the theater. We didn't want to get busted for taking pics (we didn't), so we were being all ninja about it. Rich looks like he's staring at Riza, while I'm poking at Roy's flame like "Is it hot?"... I'm a dork... see pikachu below

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This isn't FMA-related, but it's me being a dork again, pretending to be zapped by the inflatable Pikachu on the first floor of Tokyo Tower... yup I'm a dork.

And now for goodies!

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In this pic you can see the full Gashapon set Series 2, minus Roy (I had already bought him single, and he's on my shelf already... double is going up for sale... same with Trading Arts Series 1 Ed double). Trading Arts Series 2 Ed, a silver Al, and Izumi. I have the little statues of Envy and Royai (Envy has no arms... they're not missing... they simply do not exist... think Venus de Milo). A set of 5 little bootleg chibi things, they were only 520 for the set. And those little keychains cost me 300 yen for two, in a capsule machine in Gamers in Akihabara.

About that Gashapon set... I was in a Mandarake satellite store in Nakano. I spotted them in the case, and they were 820 yen. I though that was individually because the price was so good (guess I'm too used to getting bent over by con dealer's rooms). In a combination of my limited Japanese and the guy's limited English, I confirmed that it was in fact 820 for the whole set, and promptly bought them, along with one box each of the two Trading Arts series. When I saw the set in another store for 1240, I cackled.

Oh, and see the pile of books they're all standing on? More on that later.

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This is a bootleg phone strap I bought along Asakusa Shring shopping street. It was too cute to pass up. Roy has a weird mark on his face though, I'll see if I can round up some matching paint.

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The mother lode. Here we have at the top, two cups from the theater, they're poly... whatever, they have a different picture depending on how you look at them. To the right of that are the doubles of Ed and Roy I talked about earlier, still in plastic, and they will be shipped to whoever buys them (post with details forthcoming, please post no offers here) like that (boxed too, of course). And Morizo and Kiccoro found their way into the picture... they're everywhere. Under the cups, angsting at you, are the ultra-smexy Ed and Roy pencil board that my brother spotted, also on Asakusa shopping street, as well as the Hughes songfile.

Then we have the manga art book, Complete Book Story and Material Side, a Movie promo guide thing, an issue of Cosmode, and the latest Animage (It has the big Ed and Al movie poster inside it). On the Animage are the admission passes, and ticket stubs for th three of us (Me, my brother Rich, and my dad). Oh, and a pack of playing cards with pretty pictures.

... And that's a Bowflex with random Expo crap on it in the background, FYI.

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Closeup of the chibis. Does anyone have any idea where these were bootlegged from? I found them in a store that sold garage kits, and the packaging was definately not legit looking.

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And closeup of the Trading Arts. I bought a box each of series 1 and 2, twice, and thus, there are four.

And that's it! At least FMA-related. I will create the pictorial guide to my trip sometime in the coming weeks... If you're lucky.

Edit: I lied. That's not it. I bought volume 11 of the manga too.

And now, I sleep. I've been up nearly 40 hours with only a couple hour or so naps on the plane. 'Night!

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